Family Learning

Workshops for Parents and Carers

Effua facilitates Family Learning sessions that incorporate storytelling, group work, dance, singing and craft. Each session promotes positive and productive interaction between adults and children, boosting the confidence of both.

Through the Family Learning sessions, the lives and achievement levels of children and adults are greatly impacted. Effua facilitates a range of workshops that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of priority or ‘hard to reach’ groups such as, foster carers, fathers and male carers, families with disabled members, Travellers and young parents.

Sessions are based on the outcomes from the six areas of ‘Learning and Development’ in the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ and support the five outcomes of the ‘Every Child Matters’ framework.


Training Programmes

Professional’s Training Workshops

Courses are designed and facilitated according to Local Authorities or organisation’s requirements and strategic development plans. Sessions aim to help professionals and carers better understand the holistic needs of the children and families they support; in order to provide a more comprehensive care package. Specialised workshops are also facilitated to support adoptive parents, birth parents recently reunited with their children or to help family contact times be more effective, relaxed and enjoyable.

Professional’s and Foster Carer’s One Day Training Programmes

‘This Is My Life’ (Life Story Work/Memory Books)

Taking a closer look at sharing and recording experiences, memories and events from a child or young person’s past.
National Minimum Standards addressed
: 7, 8, 11, 12, 19, 23 & 24

‘How I See Me’

Encouraging a positive self-image and cultural awareness in children and young people. Counteracting feelings of displacement and low self-worth.
National Minimum Standards addressed: 7, 8, 11, 12 & 23

Fun is Fundamental’

Fun and cost effective educational activities to support a looked after child’s educational development within the placement. Help make their learning experience so enjoyable, that children do not even notice they are learning! National Minimum Standards addressed: 13, 14 & 23

‘Igniting Books and Reading’

A practical and interactive training course on: strategies for book sharing, promoting literacy with children and young people, dealing with life issues, building self-esteem, establishing positive attachments and even more. National Minimum Standards addressed: 7, 13 & 23

‘Outreach and Family Support’

Explore the practical techniques to support vulnerable and isolated families. Examine the do’s and don’t during home visits and ways to celebrate culture and diversity while safeguarding children. Discover how best to offer a high quality service tailored to meet the needs of individual families, in order to increase potential and make a positive difference with long-term outcomes.